Our machinery

The laboratory is equipped with more machinery for the professional preparation of the skis, that is cured in every detail and always hand finished by a competent staff and adjourned on every type of additives, wax.

It is always the ski man that decides the imprint to give or the wax to be applied and the parameters to be inserted in the machines and it recommends the users according to different requirements (athletes, trainers, simple amateurs...).

From the preparation of the ski depends the result or the facility of use of the equipment and a good preparation it depends of the individual characteristics of every skier of every snowboarder. The simplest treatments, foils and wax, sometimes can be done immediately, in about 20 minutes. Each utensil that enters into the laboratory is cleaned and examined by the staff and even if the service it is only foils and wax, the insole is however fixed by the small imperfections. In case of complex reparations, glueing or dowels, we discuss with the client the budget.

The RoffB is a tape and stone machine, suitable also to the working of the snowboards.

The skis of the most demanding clients is stamped on the RoffB, a manual setting machine that allows to set so many different parameters to optimize the skis and to personalize the. Once the ski has been passed through the machines it always comes finished by hand to optimize the result.


The Venini is a grinding machine for flank and foils, it works via tape, and despite of the very high precision, even after the Venini the tool is hand finished. This machine has a wide range of adjustments, and offers an excellent base for the shape processing of the foils on the flank and on the flat, with a perfection that only a manual treatment can not guarantee. Every ski, every tool, every discipline, every type of snow, temperature, humidity, needs the proper wax, we have it all.

Every utensil is picked up at least 30 times for the simplest preparations, we have a choice among around 10 types of different files to finish the skis by hand and then there are the spatulas for the slalom ski or for the tourism ski, those for the fast disciplines, those for the deep reparations and those for the superficial reparations, as well as we have various types of brushes, manuals or rotating, to finish up to the best the insole after the waxing.

Your equipment  will go out renewed and perfect!